Rear Door Cup holder install

Congratulation on the purchase of your Door pocket cup holders for your new Bronco now lets get them installed!

We start with a  7mm socket and a 5/16 drill bit, a ratchet and a drill

Start by removing the plastic handle on the door

There are 2x 7mm screws underneath to remove.

Next with a small flat head or pry tool find the slot in the top of the plastic piece behind the door handle and gently remove it

Remove the 7mm bolt from behind the door handle

Remove the 2x 7mm bolts from the bottom of the door

Gently lift up and remove the door panel from the door.

you will need to remove any linkage at this time.


Lay the panel on a flat surface and drill out the rivets holding the net on 

All of the rivets will need to be drilled half way, Using the opposite doors holder as a template mark the 6 holes from the holder. these 6 holes will need to be drilled all the way through to allow for bolts later on

once the holes are drilled the trim piece around the net should be easily removable.

Using the supplied bolts, place the trim piece on the new cup holder and bolt back to the the door panel. 

Reinstall the door panel in reverse order and repeat on the other side.