Texas Complete Bronco 2021-C Ford Bronco 4-7.5
Texas Complete Bronco 2021-C Ford Bronco 4-7.5
Texas Complete Bronco 2021-C Ford Bronco 4-7.5
Texas Complete Bronco 2021-C Ford Bronco 4-7.5

2021+ Ford Bronco 4-7.5" Lift Kit Inc. Front and Rear Trail Performance Coilovers

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Elevate your truck or Bronco to new heights with Belltech's all new suspension lift kit systems from Belltech. Precision engineered in the USA to ensure every aspect was considered to provide you with the highest quality Lift Kit Suspension System that delivers on performance. Through innovative design with the focus on performance, these suspension lift kit systems are the best riding lift kits on the market - period. Built to ride, handle and tackle off road obstacles with ease!

The Ford Bronco is back, and with Belltech’s new, brilliantly engineered, 4” to 7.5” complete lift kit, it is better than ever! Our kit enhances your Bronco’s ride quality, outperforms, and out lifts other lift kits on the market. Belltech engineers have designed the 2021+ Bronco lift kits to a T, improving ride quality and making advanced safety their number one priority.

For the front end of our kit, we include 2.4” (60mm) large-bodied, finely tuned, height-adjustable Trail Performance coilovers, which house increased amounts of oil and employ a low-friction design to give you perfect damping throughout your journey. Our coilovers also feature double-wall high durometer vulcanized rubber bushings, which reduce noise, vibrations, and wear. The Ford Bronco lift kit’s unique design uses two ¼ inch thick skid plates. One plate protects the oil cooler, and the other is built along with the Belltech crossmember to increase rigidity and shield the front differential without interfering with articulation. Belltech lift spindles are used in place of OE spindles to retain factory suspension geometry. To further proper suspension angles, we supply sway bar drop-down brackets and our differential drop kit.

At the rear our Bronco lift kit includes two vehicle-specific, precisely tuned height adjustable Trail Performance lift coilovers with large, 2.4” (60mm) damper bodies that hold an increased volume of oil to keep it cool and produce ideal damping and consistent results. We supply a robust, yet lightweight, roll center correction bracket that increases roll resistance and adds rigidity at the frame-side mounting point, which can be prone to flexing, preventing delay and discomfort. Our track bar is made to be exceptionally sturdy without adding too much weight with a measurement of 2” in diameter and a ¼” wall. The Belltech Ford Bronco kit also includes 2” diameter by ¼” wall upper and lower control arms in the rear, with fully serviceable and rebuildable 1 ¼” rod ends.

Both the front and rear hardware kits contain high-grade hardware and brake-line relocation brackets that keep your brake lines safely out of the way of parts or components. The kit retains factory track width and does not change the original turning radius. We improve handling, add clearance, and give you the option to use larger tires and wheels. The Belltech Ford Bronco kits have undergone rigorous testing in the most extreme circumstances to provide you with the best high-performance, heavy-duty suspension option you can find.

  • Includes custom engineered front and rear height adjustable Trail Performance coilovers
  • Two ¼” thick skid plates to protect the vehicle undercarriage
  • 2” diameter by ¼” wall control arms and track bar
  • Retains factory alignment specifications
  • Robust roll-center correction bracket to increase rigidity
  • Maintains OE front differential geometry
  • Maintains factory turning radius and track width
  • Precision designed and engineered in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tire & Wheel Combinations:
Max tire size: 37 x 12.5 Wheels (6” BS) – 7.5” lift
Trimming may be required

Fitment Notes - 
Excludes: First Edition, Wildtrak, Raptor, Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition.
This kit will fit 40” tires, however inner fender and crash beam modification may be required, and it is not recommended.


Front Lifting: 4.0" to 7.5"
Rear Lifting: 4.0" to 7.5"


  • F4: Exact lift heights may vary depending on the vehicle model and the weight distribution of the vehicle.

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