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Ford Performance Tube Doors - 5 Door Kit

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Owners of any Ford Bronco vehicle are motivated by plenty of wild outdoor adventures, ranging from off-road trail riding to camping trips. A key feature of Ford Broncos is the ability to remove the doors. While this provides increased freedom, especially when off-roading, this also increases the risk of injury.

Ford’s ingenious solution for this is their Ford Performance tube doors 5 door kit. Many Bronco owners make aftermarket additions to tailor their vehicles to meet their specific needs and enhance the look of their cars as well. Ford Bronco tube doors are an excellent aftermarket addition to any Bronco that looks and feels good while maintaining its structural integrity.

What Are They?

The Ford Performance tube doors 5 door kit's are aftermarket steel bar door replacements. These Bronco tube doors work with all four-door Bronco models, including the Bronco Raptor. These tube doors are perfect for those looking to enhance their off-roading adventures and experience the open air from the comfort of their own vehicle while maintaining some level of protection.

Key Features

The key features of these tube doors make them an ideal aftermarket customization that is both stylish and safer than no doors at all. Ford Bronco tube doors are made of durable material and finished with a black powder coat with handle covers that can be painted increasing the attractiveness of your Bronco. Due to the high-strength two-inch thick steel material that these doors are made of, off-roading in your Ford Bronco has never been better. Enjoy your car your way, but don’t sacrifice safety in the process.

These doors latch using the Ford OEM lock latches, but they are not integrated with the electrical system of the car. Not only do these doors provide added protection for the passengers, but they also add protection for your Bronco from any external variables while off-roading.


While Bronco tube doors are a good solution for off-roading without doors, it is important to understand that these doors are not designed like the standard factory doors that originally come on a Bronco. So, while adding these tube doors is safer than off-roading without any doors, there is still a level of precaution that needs to be taken when using them. Additionally, these doors are only for off-road use and are not adequate protection for everyday driving.

Installing these doors does not require a dealer to get it done; in fact, Ford has labeled this product for customer installation only. There are various tutorials and Ford-specific instructions online for both removing factory doors and installing Bronco tube doors. Also, there are tube door kits available, making installation easy. 

Check out Texas Complete Bronco’s wide selection of Ford Bronco accessories and aftermarket additions, such as the Ford Performance tube doors 5 door kit. Enhancing your Bronco has never been easier. Adventure is waiting, and these tube doors are the perfect customization to make your adventures even better than before!


Alternate Part Number: M19008BTD4

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