How much is it to get a Bronco lifted?

How much is it to get a Bronco lifted?

by Keith Dunford on November 15, 2022 Categories: News

With questions like How much is it to lift my Bronco, How much lift does a sasquatch package add, How much is a 2" lift on a Bronco, I decided to put this together to try and help with the decision.

The Difference between a Sasquatch and Non SAS bronco is about 1.5" of height and the crash bars are removed allowing for the 35" tires to clear. To clear larger tires on your new Ford Bronco there are 4 different styles of lifts on the market right now, Spacer(leveling kit) Spacer with Upper control arm(UCA) Coilovers with and without a UCA and from Rough Country and Belltech a Cradle Drop. 

The most budget friendly is going to be the 1-2" leveling kit. Available for both Base and Sasquatch Broncos and a few kits for the HOSS 3.0 and 4.0 these kits will allow you to fit 35" tires with removal of the crash bars. these kits run anywhere from  $59.99 to $500, Labor to install these kits from a reputable company will range from $500 to $600 with a front end alignment.

 Next up we have the 3-4" lift with Upper control arms, These kits are available for both the Base model and SAS and will lift your Bronco enough to clear 37" tires. These kits run anywhere form $600 to $1000 and will run $800 to $1000 for a reputable shop to install with alignment. This Zone kit pictured is roughly $1600-1700 installed


From here we move up into the game changing suspension, starting with Beltechs adjustable ride height Struts for $1720 These offer a better ride and adjustable height, couple them with an aftermarket upper control arm and you can see lift as much as 3" and clear 37 inch tires with ease.

Our personal favorite is the full coilover from Radflo, Coilovers can run from $4000-$5000 a set and can be anywhere from 3-6 hrs to install at $500-$1000 depending if you go with an aftermarket control arm to utilize the full amount of lift available from the coilover. We like to use Camburg upper control arms with our coilover setups, however we do also carry Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Fabtech Motorsports complete coilover kits.  

Last but certainly not least is the cradle drop from Beltech and Rough Country,

These lift kits will net you 5-7 inches of lift and can fit up to a 40" tire on your new Bronco, These kits will run anywhere from $1300-$6000 and about $1200-$1300 to install. If you want to go big this is definitely the way to do it!

Of course there are some other incredibly awesome kits out there, like Baja kits but this is a good basis that most people fall into when looking for a lift kit for their Bronco. If you have any questions or would like us to help you with your next Bronco Build we can do it all from getting you the parts you need to full installation and fabtication, just give our team of Bronco experts a call at 512-749-2747 or stop by and visit us at 5680 S. Interstate 35 New Braunfels Texas 78132. In the Texas Complete Truck Center  building.


All prices in this article are current as of 11/15/2022 all prices are subject to change and shop prices vary by region, these are based off of local shop rates in central Texas.






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