Installing a Tailgate Support on the 2021+ Ford Bronco

Installing a Tailgate Support on the 2021+ Ford Bronco

by Keith Dunford on November 15, 2022 Categories: News

For anyone familiar with the new Ford Broncos and the multiple posts across the interwebs of tailgates being damaged by larger tires this is for you. 

What we have found is that for the most part your tailgate is safe with the stock setup but adding a larger tire along with a custom offset like a -12 or -18 puts the tire a few inches off the lower bump stop. This in turn allows the tire to flex the tailgate up and down which is causing the crease along the hinges. The "fix" for this is adding a tailgate support, whether it be our TC Broncos Version, the Rough Country Version, Hammer Built or others, they all function in the same manner by strengthening the tailgate by adding steel between the spare tire mount and the hinges. No matter what tailgate support you choose they are all very similar in mounting styles and typically if you have an issue after installation its from something being out of line or not torqued properly.

Here are the install instructions, If you have any questions contact us at



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