TC Bronco Roof Rack Allows For Soft Top To Stay On

TC Bronco Roof Rack Allows For Soft Top To Stay On

by Keith Dunford on March 23, 2022 Categories: News

TC Bronco Roof Rack Allows For Soft Top To Stay On


If you opted for the Ford Bronco soft top model it’s probably safe to say you’re the adventurous type. The Ford Bronco is already a rugged vehicle that caters to the self-reliant, rough-and-ready individual who is as at home off-road as they are on the asphalt, and the soft top feature - whether up, down, or bimini - only enhances the feeling of freedom when you’re behind the wheel. But your free roaming spirit needs some accessories when venturing out wherever 4-wheel drive can take you, and that means you’ll need a Bronco roof rack to carry it all. That has typically meant you’d have to remove your Bronco soft top to install the roof rack, defeating the purpose of getting it in the first place - until now! The Texas Complete Bronco Roof Rack is the only setup on the market that allows you to have both at the same time, preserving the style and thrill of these amazing vehicles without sacrificing their utility.


Don’t worry any longer about getting caught without your Bronco soft top on when the weather changes, and there’s no need to make any compromises - the TC Bronco Roof Rack completes your rig and complements your tastes. There are many reasons to fall in love with our roof rack for your Ford Bronco soft top now, as well as be excited about the updates coming to it in the future.


It’s The Only Roof Rack On The Market That Allows You To Keep The Top On With The Roof Rack Installed


You would think with so much demand out there for top-on roof racks that many brands would have figured out how to do it by now, but that’s not the case. To our knowledge, TC Bronco is the only firm on the market offering such a product. It’s simply not available anywhere else. If you want to drive your vehicle with the soft top on and use a roof rack at the same time, you’ll need the advantage of Texas Complete! 


It Uses 100% Factory Holes And Hardware


Fitting a roof rack can be a challenge, particularly when trying to do so on vehicles with short production runs. Owners often find themselves spending hours following instructions, drilling, and making modifications to install their racks. That leads to frustration and down-time from getting outside and into adventure.


However, the TC Bronco rack does not require any complex work to install. It is made using 100 percent factory holes and hardware, meaning that it fits very much like a conventional rack. In fact, we’re so confident that it will fit that we offer guaranteed fitment.


It Is The Strongest Roof Rack On The Market


The TC Bronco rack is also exceptionally strong -- in fact, it’s the strongest on the market. After extensive real-world dynamic testing, we discovered it was capable of carrying 250 pounds over rugged off-road conditions, and more than 800 pounds when tested statically.


Just to put the strength of the TC Bronco rack into perspective, most conventional commercial roof racks have a static capacity of around 165 lbs. Any more than that, and they run the risk of failure. Therefore, our roof rack is around 40 percent stronger under dynamic conditions.


The strength of the rack means that it’s ideal for heavy loads including ice chests and all your camping gear. It’s got the capacity to allow you to take big gear and small gear alike - no more deciding on what comes along and what stays behind!


With The Side Panels Removed, The Roof Can Function As A Bimini Top


Because of the design of our TC Bronco roof rack, you can’t remove the entire soft top when it’s installed. However, you can remove the side and back panels relatively easily, leaving your Ford Bronco soft top to function as a bimini top -- a cool look in and of itself.


The bimini top is great for when you’re traversing through hot terrain and need a little extra breeze. The open sides allow for exceptional air flow -- great in humid conditions, especially when you have passengers. If things start to get a little sandy or dusty off road, you can quickly replace it again, keeping everyone inside comfortable.


Accessories Will Become Available In The Future For Canoes And Other Adventure Equipment


To make the Bronco soft top roof rack truly special requires that it be functional in all conditions and circumstances, no matter what the owner uses it for. That’s why we’re investing in a range of equipment for the future.


Optional MOLLE side panels, for instance, provide more modular carry capacity, making it easier to stow equipment in a logical manner. These will be made of high quality materials that are sufficiently robust to withstand difficult conditions off-road, just like the rack itself.


We’re also going to introduce a range of attachments for the Ford Bronco soft top roof rack. These will allow owners to install a rooftop tent and canoe on their Bronco - giving you more versatility in the places you can go and adventures to have. Again, even after fitting these attachments, Bronco owners will be able drive with the soft top up, without having to remove it.


Additional Options Are Available


No roof rack is complete without options. Here, again, the Texas Complete Bronco Roof Rack excels. Options include:


  • Raw metal without paint: Going raw metal offers the best value and avoids the risk of scuffing -- something that can ruin the aesthetics of your Bronco.
  • Black powder coat: Getting a black powder coat may improve the vehicle's overall appearance and give you something that complements your Bronco’s paint job beautifully.
  • Adding a light bar mount: With us, you have the option of adding a light bar mount. Light bars are wonderful tools that help make your Bronco more versatile when you take the vehicle off-road. It allows you to see the track in front of you in higher detail, making it easier for you to navigate around obstacles, ditches and pot holes on dark nights.
  • KC Light Package: Lastly, you can also opt for the KC light package. This is a set of high-performance lights that sit on the front of the roof rack. The 8-light system produces a 160W combo beam to illuminate vast areas in front of the vehicle, beyond what is possible with the vehicle’s headlamps alone. Spot wild hogs in the Texas bush, or Bigfoot lurking near your camp in the Pacific Northwest - wherever you are when the sun goes down, you’ll appreciate the KC Light Package!


Wrap Up


TC Bronco Roof Rack solves the problem of having to choose between keeping your Ford Bronco soft top on or installing a roof rack for storage. We’ve developed a way to have both that looks great and adds versatility to your off-roading adventure. Easy to install, a joy to show-off, and new updates always coming out - make sure your outfit is Texas Complete by customizing your Bronco roof rack for soft tops at



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