The Ultimate Ford Bronco Lift Kit Guide

The Ultimate Ford Bronco Lift Kit Guide

by Keith Dunford on December 29, 2022 Categories: News

The Ultimate Ford Bronco Lift Kit Guide 

Ford Broncos are in high demand from people looking for vehicles that meet their adventuring needs. Broncos are the ideal car regardless of whether or not your adventures take you off the beaten path. These cars are highly sought after by consumers, especially those who enjoy off-roading.

Aftermarket additions are a widespread desire of Ford Bronco owners as well. Many have remained patient yet excited about the return of this iconic vehicle. At the same time, future owners contemplate the large array of customization options for their new Bronco as they wait for its arrival.

A valuable aftermarket addition to any Bronco is a lift kit. There needs to be more clarity about the reasoning for a lift kit on a Bronco that should be addressed. The purpose of a lift kit isn't about increasing the height for the sake of increasing the height. These kits are also great for Bronco owners that enjoy off-roading. Besides increasing your Bronco's ground clearance for maximized off-roading ability, a Ford Bronco Sport lift kit also enhances the carrying capacity. An enhanced carrying capacity is essential for those using their Bronco for camping.

However, before impetuously choosing the highest lift kit out there, you need to consider some important factors about your Bronco and how you plan on using it once it receives a lift. Different lift kits achieve various heights. This is one of the most important determining factors on what lift kit will best suit the vehicle and your own personal needs.

Important Things to Consider

Some essential factors to consider before purchasing a Bronco or Bronco Sport lift kit include the structural aspects of your vehicle, post-lift fuel economy, and warranty & maintenance. Each of these will affect the type of lift kit you should purchase and how you will be able to use your vehicle afterward.

Vehicle Aspects

One of the most essential things to consider when lifting your car is its structural aspects. These aspects include the trim levels, suspension, tire size, whether your Bronco is two, four, or all-wheel drive, and how high you want to lift your Bronco. Each of these components determines the type of lift kit that you should purchase.

Trim levels and suspensions are especially important because not all suspension lifts work with all trim levels. There are six trim levels available for Ford Broncos, including the Badlands trim and the Sasquatch package. To determine what lifts work with your Bronco's trim level, you can check your owner's manual or ask your dealer. Texas Complete Bronco offers numerous products for various trim levels, including a Bronco Sport lift kit.

Another important factor to consider is how high you want your Bronco lifted. The size of the lift and the tires will determine the height. When choosing this, it is best to consider the height of places you frequent. Suppose you park in a parking garage or go through drive-thrus often and plan on using your Bronco for everyday driving. In that case, you want to avoid installing a lift that prevents you from going to these places.

Another highly important factor to consider is how you want your Bronco to look after lifting it. A more intense and durable look is suitable for those planning to use their Bronco exclusively for off-roading. In contrast, those that plan on using their Bronco for everyday driving and off-roading might want a more low-profile lift.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of your Bronco is affected by the height of your lift. The higher the lift, the less efficient your fuel economy will be. Height and larger tires increase the amount your Bronco has to work, increasing the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. If you are not worried about paying for more gas, then this is a non-issue.

Warranty & Maintenance

The remaining factors to consider are if the changes you make to your Bronco will affect your warranty or your vehicle's maintenance. To figure out if this addition will affect your warranty, you can ask the dealer where you got your car. If adding a lift kit will make your warranty void, and you do not mind breaking your warranty, go ahead with the installation. If you do not want to break your warranty, then you would need to wait until the warranty period is over.

Considering the effect of a lift kit on your vehicle's performance, you should perform regular maintenance. Whether you install the lift kit yourself or have a professional install it, it is important to check that everything is working correctly after installation. In case you notice anything off after lifting your Bronco, taking it in to get checked out is crucial.

Usage Plans

The next step after determining how a lift kit will affect your Bronco is deciding the type of lift kit that best suits your needs. When choosing this, you should take into account whether you will be off-roading only or also using it for everyday on-road driving.

In addition to how you plan on using your lifted Bronco, you need to base the kit you get on whether this will be a temporary or permanent addition. Some lift kits require frame cutting, which will make this customization permanent and affect your Bronco's resale value.  

TC Bronco Lift Kits

Once you have taken all these factors into consideration, you are ready to purchase a lift kit. Texas Complete Bronco has a wide selection of lift kits that fit 2021 and newer Bronco and Bronco Sports. There are over two dozen kits offered, so finding something that suits your specific Bronco and its trim level and your needs is no problem. There are three lift kits to consider to help narrow down your options that are based on whether you want the best quality, are on a budget or are looking for the best deal.

For those that want the absolute best quality, Bronco or Bronco Sport lift kit, the Fabtech Uniball UCA kit, or the RadFlo suspension lift kit would be perfect. These Bronco lift kits are constructed with the finest materials and will surely give you the desired results.

Fabtech Lift Kit

The Fabtech lift kit is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and low-profile lift that works with all terrains on and off-road. This kit includes shocks and upper control arms and offers a four-inch lift with the clearance to run 35-inch tall tires. The Fabtech kit is designed to withstand rugged off-road conditions while providing a smooth on-road ride quality.

RadFlo Suspension Kit

The RadFlo suspension kit is also a good choice for various uses on and off the road. This lift kit has optional features like remote reservoirs and compression adjusters. These features allow you to fine-tune your Bronco and offer a range in lift height from two to four inches. This kit features various purchase options with the coil overs only, with Camburg upper control arms, or with Camburg rear arms and upper control arms.

Eibach Lift Kit

The Eibach lift kit is perfect for those searching for a fantastic ride on a budget. This lift kit offers peak performance and reliability for almost a third of the price of the previously mentioned lift kits. The height of this kit will vary depending on the trim and the vehicle's weight distribution. This lift kit features front and rear coil overs as well as a front adjustable threaded spring perch which is excellent for heavier loads. This lift kit is suitable for all Bronco adventures, no matter where they take you!

Those searching for the best deal on a lift kit can purchase the Zone lift kits, as they are excellent options. There are various Zone kits ranging in lift height from two to four inches, and the trim level compatibility of these kits with your Ford Bronco. Each of these kits is designed to maintain the quality, handling, and performance of your ride on and off-road.

No matter how you plan on using your Bronco once it's been lifted, Texas Complete Bronco has the perfect lift kit for you. Maximize your Bronco's potential and enhance your adventures with a lift kit from TC Bronco!

Check out Texas Complete Bronco's wide selection of genuine Ford parts and aftermarket customization options, including the various lift kits for all Broncos, including a Ford Bronco Sport lift kit.


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